tirsdag den 27. december 2011

Nikolaos Stranga's Patisserie & Cakeaway

The amazing Christmas Special with chocolate.

On Åboulevarden - close to the lakes in Copenhagen - there's a little cakeaway. It is owned by the famous confectioner Nikolaos Stranga who recieved a Michelin star at the restaurant Era Ora.

The cakes at the cakeaway are very delicious, but a bit pricy. They are definitely worth the money, though. Two people could easily share a slice like the one we had: the Christmas special with chocolate.

The place is also known for the best French macarons in Denmark and a very tasty, rich hot chocolate.

It is a small placethat can only seat 6-8 people at a time, but the staff (Nikolaos Stranga's wife, among others) are friendly and will do everything they can to make room for more people. Go ahead, indulge a little!

Åboulevard 7
1635 København V

Opening hours:
Tuesday-Friday 11 – 5:30
Saturday 11 - 4

Contact information:
Telefon 3539 5530

fredag den 23. december 2011

Funny bicycles in Copenhagen

Merry Christmas! Today we just want to share some photos of some of Copenhagen's many awesome bikes!

Bicycle in Frederiksberg

Bicycle in Frederiksberg

Bicycle in Islands Brygge

Bicycle in Islands Brygge

Bicycle in Islands Brygge

tirsdag den 29. november 2011

"8-tallet" - sharing futurism from Ørestaden

In Ørestaden, a new neighbourhood in Copenhagen, the architect Bjarke Ingels designed the now famous house "8-tallet" - the number eight. The building is shaped like the number eight, which explaines the name.

The apartments in the building are shaped differently and come in different sizes so they fit big families as well as couples or singles.

The roof features a great view of Amager Fælled - the nature reserve in the background.

The yard is pretty but unfortunately empty.

A large part of Ørestaden is still in the making, but I look forward to seeing the results later on!

8-tallet has many interesting details, such as the grass walls here.

You are not aloud to walk on the grass walls. It is both dangerous and - I guess - pretty disturbing for the people living underneath them.

Outside the building there is a lot of water with small boats in it.

I think it is a very attractive building even though it is all gray.

8-tallet is located close to the metro station "Vestamager" at:

Richard Mortensens Vej
DK-2300 Copenhagen S

There is also a café there called Café 8-tallet, so it is possible to get a cup of coffee even if you don't know anyone in the area.

søndag den 27. november 2011

Lighting the Christmas Tree at Copenhagen City Hall

Today we want to share a unique experience in Copenhagen for the children. I went there with some kids to see Santa Claus light up the Christmas Tree. It's a really old tradition and today is the 96th time the lights are being lit this way.

The christmas tree at City Hall
The firedepartment on Segways for no apparent reason
The cutest kid ever

It happens every year on the first of advent at 3.30 pm (kl. 15.30) at city hall (Rådhuspladsen)

fredag den 11. november 2011

Visiting Copenhagen Zoo - sharing our love for cute animals!

This picture features Daddy Bear in his nature-like environment... rooaaarh!

In Copenhagen, near to Valby Bakke, you'll find the Copenhagen Zoo which is one of Europe's oldest zoos and dates back to 1859. It features a tower with great views of the surrounding area, Frederiksberg, and on clear days you can even see all the pretty spires in centre of Copenhagen from there. In 2008 the elephants got their own up-scale designer pad designed by Norman Foster. 

This is Mommy Bear with her three cubs. I think they are unbearably (get it?) cute.

The zoo features a so-called "Nordic Corner" which is where you can find the cute brown bears in these pictures. In this part of the zoo there are also polar bears, seals, reindeer, muskox, wolfes and long-eared owls.

Naturally, the barrel contains honey for hungry bears!

There is also an area featuring animals from the African continent. There's lions, hippos, zebras, ostriches and a whole variety of other exotic animals. One of my personal favourites are the giraffes!

This is what I'd call a teenage giraffe. Isn't he cute?

 The giraffes live with the rhinos and zebras, resembling real animal life in Africa.

The zebra looks tiny next to the rhinos and the giraffe.

If you ask me, the baboons are the most entertaining part of the zoo! They look like little kids, as they eat, play and fight with each other. Definitely a must see!

Unfortunately, the majestic polar bears are close to crazy.  As you can see in the photo, one of them is trying to eat the plants on the stone - while jumping up and down. It looked rather silly - don't they feed them?

Anyway, the zoo is building a large, new home for the polar bears which will be very exiting.
A curious giraffe.

I love the lion family at the zoo. It's so... royal!

The Copenhagen Zoo is located in Frederiksberg:

Roskildevej 38
DK 2000 Frederiksberg

Visit their homepage for opening hours as they change a lot: http://uk.zoo.dk/VisitZoo.aspx

Here are the prices:

Children (age 3-11)

November - February    
DKK 50
March - October
DKK 80

November - February       
DKK 110
March - October
DKK 140

Bogforum - books and people in Frederiksberg

Interesting presentations and discussions take place at the book fair, Bogforum.

If you're in Frederiksberg in the beginning of November - any November any year -  you might wonder why there are so many people around the exhibition centre and concert hall 'Forum'. The reason is 'Bogforum' - a large fair featuring books, writers, publishers - and of course: readers!

Book worms filling the fair.

Every year busy lovers of literature flock to this two day fair, which takes place on a weekend. This year it is this weekend and it's open from 10 to 6 both Saturday and Sunday. The entrance fee is 110 DKK.

There are lots of great offers and discounts to enjoy - and often also free reading copies and catalogs from the publishers.

No book fair is complete without writers, critics and journalists presenting and discussing, so you might be lucky enough to bump into one of your writer heroes. Only downside is that all discussions and presentations are in Danish, but perhaps you can sneak yourself a greeting or autograph.

The pretty poster for this year's book fair in Forum, Copenhagen.

This year's poster is so pretty and attractive - enough to lure me in - so I went by there today. It is a nice place if you enjoy books, but prepare yourself for lots and lots of other book worms joining in on the fun, so it can get quite crowded.

Visit their website here: http://www.bogforum.dk/ - and the address for Forum is:

Julius Thomsens Plads 1
DK-1925 Frederiksberg C

onsdag den 9. november 2011

Sharing Cafe Aroma in Islands Brygge

One of the sharers recently went to visit a cafe called Aroma. It's right next to the Islands Brygge metro station which is located on Amager. They have some interesting sandwiches, that you can eat inside or take with you. 

The best thing was the apple juice... or actually it is something slightly different from apple juice, called 'æblemost'. Æblemost is like apple juice, but has no added sugar and is produced by crushing the apples.

Æblemost is used as an ingredient in many types of mixed juice because it is relatively inexpensive and has a mild flavor. It should be made with undiluted apple juice without added sugar. In Germany, they have a similar but less sweet drink called Apfelschorle which is 'æblemost' mixed with sparkling water. Yum!

Islands Brygge's peak season is in the summer when the weather is sizzling. The locals retreat here to get a break form the inner city heat by taking a swim, drinking cold beers, bbqing and generally chilling on the green and airy spots near the harbour. The café is therefore a very good place to visit during the varmer months.

I had a bean/chili sandwich which was nice and tasty, but the waiter didn't put it on a plate, so it was a bit difficult to eat and the beans just popped out everywhere. I made quite a mess ;) A sandwich is about 48 DKK. To convert to your currency go to the currency converter.

You can read more about cafe Aroma on facebook.

tirsdag den 25. oktober 2011

Sharing Torvehallerne - the place spoil your tastebuds!

We've just been to the new food shopping arcade in Copenhagen called 'Torvehallerne'. It used the be an outdoors vegetable, fruit and flower market, but this central square now features both in- and outdoor food stalls offering all kinds of tasty food and drinks.

Torvehallerne october 2011
There's a wide range of food to choose from and everything is delicious! The world famous The Coffee Collective has a stall there and you can taste a variety of foreign and local specialties (We recommend trying a proper Danish pasty in one of the bakeries). The quality is very good which the prices also reflect...

Torvehallerne October 2011

The thought was for the food hall to be the town's pantry, but it is more of a gourmet market - but it is fun to walk around in the two indoor markets and taste some of the wonderful food.

Torvehallerne October 2011
We really want to share this with you because it is a must see for foodies!

Torvehallerne October 2011
You Can find: 'Torvehallerne' right next to Nørreport Station at Frederiksborggade 21, 1360 Copenhagen C.

Opening Hours:
Monday: Closed.
Tuesday - Thursday: 10 - 19.
Friday ​​10 - 20.
Saturday: 9 - 17.
Sunday: 10 -15.

You can check out their homepage here - unfortunately it is only in Danish...