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Bogforum - books and people in Frederiksberg

Interesting presentations and discussions take place at the book fair, Bogforum.

If you're in Frederiksberg in the beginning of November - any November any year -  you might wonder why there are so many people around the exhibition centre and concert hall 'Forum'. The reason is 'Bogforum' - a large fair featuring books, writers, publishers - and of course: readers!

Book worms filling the fair.

Every year busy lovers of literature flock to this two day fair, which takes place on a weekend. This year it is this weekend and it's open from 10 to 6 both Saturday and Sunday. The entrance fee is 110 DKK.

There are lots of great offers and discounts to enjoy - and often also free reading copies and catalogs from the publishers.

No book fair is complete without writers, critics and journalists presenting and discussing, so you might be lucky enough to bump into one of your writer heroes. Only downside is that all discussions and presentations are in Danish, but perhaps you can sneak yourself a greeting or autograph.

The pretty poster for this year's book fair in Forum, Copenhagen.

This year's poster is so pretty and attractive - enough to lure me in - so I went by there today. It is a nice place if you enjoy books, but prepare yourself for lots and lots of other book worms joining in on the fun, so it can get quite crowded.

Visit their website here: - and the address for Forum is:

Julius Thomsens Plads 1
DK-1925 Frederiksberg C

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