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Sharing Torvehallerne - the place spoil your tastebuds!

We've just been to the new food shopping arcade in Copenhagen called 'Torvehallerne'. It used the be an outdoors vegetable, fruit and flower market, but this central square now features both in- and outdoor food stalls offering all kinds of tasty food and drinks.

Torvehallerne october 2011
There's a wide range of food to choose from and everything is delicious! The world famous The Coffee Collective has a stall there and you can taste a variety of foreign and local specialties (We recommend trying a proper Danish pasty in one of the bakeries). The quality is very good which the prices also reflect...

Torvehallerne October 2011

The thought was for the food hall to be the town's pantry, but it is more of a gourmet market - but it is fun to walk around in the two indoor markets and taste some of the wonderful food.

Torvehallerne October 2011
We really want to share this with you because it is a must see for foodies!

Torvehallerne October 2011
You Can find: 'Torvehallerne' right next to Nørreport Station at Frederiksborggade 21, 1360 Copenhagen C.

Opening Hours:
Monday: Closed.
Tuesday - Thursday: 10 - 19.
Friday ​​10 - 20.
Saturday: 9 - 17.
Sunday: 10 -15.

You can check out their homepage here - unfortunately it is only in Danish...

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