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Visiting Copenhagen Zoo - sharing our love for cute animals!

This picture features Daddy Bear in his nature-like environment... rooaaarh!

In Copenhagen, near to Valby Bakke, you'll find the Copenhagen Zoo which is one of Europe's oldest zoos and dates back to 1859. It features a tower with great views of the surrounding area, Frederiksberg, and on clear days you can even see all the pretty spires in centre of Copenhagen from there. In 2008 the elephants got their own up-scale designer pad designed by Norman Foster. 

This is Mommy Bear with her three cubs. I think they are unbearably (get it?) cute.

The zoo features a so-called "Nordic Corner" which is where you can find the cute brown bears in these pictures. In this part of the zoo there are also polar bears, seals, reindeer, muskox, wolfes and long-eared owls.

Naturally, the barrel contains honey for hungry bears!

There is also an area featuring animals from the African continent. There's lions, hippos, zebras, ostriches and a whole variety of other exotic animals. One of my personal favourites are the giraffes!

This is what I'd call a teenage giraffe. Isn't he cute?

 The giraffes live with the rhinos and zebras, resembling real animal life in Africa.

The zebra looks tiny next to the rhinos and the giraffe.

If you ask me, the baboons are the most entertaining part of the zoo! They look like little kids, as they eat, play and fight with each other. Definitely a must see!

Unfortunately, the majestic polar bears are close to crazy.  As you can see in the photo, one of them is trying to eat the plants on the stone - while jumping up and down. It looked rather silly - don't they feed them?

Anyway, the zoo is building a large, new home for the polar bears which will be very exiting.
A curious giraffe.

I love the lion family at the zoo. It's so... royal!

The Copenhagen Zoo is located in Frederiksberg:

Roskildevej 38
DK 2000 Frederiksberg

Visit their homepage for opening hours as they change a lot:

Here are the prices:

Children (age 3-11)

November - February    
DKK 50
March - October
DKK 80

November - February       
DKK 110
March - October
DKK 140

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