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Cuban "hygge" on Amager

If you are up for a ride all the way out of Amagerbrogade, something good awaits you! Down the street Ingolfs Allé, close to Amagerbrogade no. 200, you will find a Cuban coffee shop called Ingolfs Kaffebar. Here, you can get Cuban kitch and Danish "hygge" (cosiness) all in one.

Brunch at Ingolfs Kaffebar.
The café offers brunch, coffee, tea, Cuban beers, lunch, snacks, cake, steak, live music and so on. The portions are large and the food is home-made and yummy. In the summertime you can get Bucanero or Cristal (Cuban beers) and listen to live music in their lovely garden.

The ladies' room.

Fun for kids and other simple souls.

The entrance to Ingolfs Kaffebar.

After enjoying your coffee and snaks, we'd recommend a stroll down the street and around the neighbourhood. This is where Amager reveals it's charm and proofs there's more to it than just Amagerbrogade. A walk down to Amager Strandpark - a large, typical Scandinavian beach with great views towards Sweden and the Øresund Bridge - is the perfect way to end you visit to Amager. And you can grab the metro right from Amager Strandpark to go back to the center. How practical.

Ingolfs Kaffebar
Ingolfs Allé 3
2300 Copenhagen S

Opening hours:
Mondays and Tuesdays: 10 am - 10 pm
Wednesday - Saturday: 10 am - midnight
Sundays: 10 am - 6 pm

Brunch 125 DKK
Sandwich 85 DKK
Steak 185 DKK
Café latte 30 DKK
Cristal bottled beer 30 DKK

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